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Purchase Podcasting Membership

Podcast Membership

Podcast Membership: 
Enjoy 4 hours Podcasting for the price of 3, bring your own flash drive and take the production files with you or we can edit it and upload it  to the platform of your choice (additional charges apply).
  • Additional Hour Options: Should you require more time beyond the allocated hours, we offer multiple ways to extend your access:
    • A La Carte: Purchase additional hours individually.
    • Punch Card: Opt for a convenient punch card, offering a bundle of hours at a discounted rate of 10 %.
    • Debit Card: Extend your access using your debit card.
    • Enhanced Savings: For maximum savings and convenience, consider purchasing a package of 10 usage hours at 15% savings. This not only offers cost benefits but also provides easy scheduling through our online calendar.
    • Hourly Rates for Additional Spaces: Should you need specific spaces/services beyond your membership, contact management.


Podcast Membership Pricing: Our podcasting membership comes at a recurring charge of $150 per month. Cancel anytime. 

QuintaStar Portal Podcast Membership

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